Six months ago, you died and were reborn as something new.
A vampire. A predator. Not a creature of the night, but one of its masters.

Unfortunately, things aren't simple as they used to be. Vampires have been exposed to the world, and though your existence is tolerated, your dark new nature is not. But every new era brings new opportunities, and in the chaos of a world gone mad, even an outcast may rise. An outcast can change everything.

This is the story of how you rose.

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Nighthawks is the new urban fantasy RPG from Wadjet Eye Games (The Blackwell Series, Unavowed) and writer Richard Cobbett (Sunless Sea/Sunless Skies)

Enter a decaying city as a fledgling vampire out to climb from rags to riches. Feed your endless hunger. Run your own nightclub. Master secret powers. Embrace the night and live its stories. Gather fellow outcasts and bind them with favours, with potential allies including vampire magician Madame Lux, con-artist turned cult-leader Maze, and insane doctor Samuel, whose withered brain considers no fate worse than death.

Then, as the fragile peace threatens to snap, be ensnared by modern politics and ancient conspiracies that will forever decide the fate of both human and vampire societies.

What part will you play? Who are you in the dark?

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